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Another Year in the Books!

By Superintendent Wayne Weber

It is hard to imagine that the 2017-2018 school year has come to a close! The joy of seeing our graduates take their next step to college, the military, or the workplace is so fulfilling for parents and educators alike because of the memories and experiences created over the years. Those graduates have grown a lot in 13 short years, both literally and figuratively! We know that their graduation is not the end of that growth--growth needs to be continuous.

Public education continues to provide challenges; challenges we embrace in Rosendale-Brandon as opportunities. Our efforts and the success of our district are grounded in a belief in the importance of continued improvement and a growth mindset. We are not reaching for a finish line; rather, we are enjoying our journey as we continue to grow together.

In that growth, we continue to seek balance. We strive for balance between time-proven teaching techniques and implementation of technology in our classrooms. We seek balance between foundational knowledge all students must simply understand and the opportunities for voice and choice in our educational environments. We continue our efforts to find balance with student passions and student discipline. We embrace the whole child and seek opportunities to impart life skills in authentic environments.

Simply stated, our growth mindset is rooted in the belief that we will be better in the future. We embrace the belief that to be the best we must keep improving. To be the best for our students, to prepare each student for the future, we must keep growing and evolving ourselves. It is an ongoing process, and I thank each of you for being key components in this process. We are a team and our students count on us each and every day.

As we take time in coming weeks to reflect, refresh, and relax, we do so with confidence that the 2018-2019 school year will be even better. We will learn from failures and improve upon our successes. We will work to grow stronger as a team and continue to turn challenges into opportunities. This is the Spartan Way . . .as always, it starts and ends with the best team of educators, administrators, support staff, and families.

Happy summer!!

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