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School Board Agenda


I. Call to Order

II. Pledge of Allegiance

III. Roll Call:

Members R. Basler                  D. Grade  J. Harmsen M. Kottke   C. Mulder                   D. Mulder                 B. Redeker  J. Riedeman               B. Zickert   

Staff W. Weber                L. Greff                      J. Hokenson J. Post                       N. Roets                    J. Thomas 

Guests Kevin Engel  Kyle Herring  Jill Jochimsen

IV. Review of the agenda

V. Review election results

VI. Election of Board Officers

VII. Consider changes to Policy 185 Board Committee Determination and Policy 185.1 Board Standing Committees

VIII. Determine Committee assignments, CESA Board of Control, WASB Representative

IX. Approval of the February 27, 2018 Board of Education Special Meeting Minutes, and the March 19, 2018 Board of Education Meeting Minutes

X. Administrative news updates

XI. Jill Jochimsen and Kevin Engel will present coding lesson work    XII. Approval of vouchers

XIII. Financial and Cash Summary reports XIV. Review draft of 2018-2019 District budget

XV. Consider June 3-7 for 8th graders 2019 Washington DC trip

XVI. Consider approval of the following donations a. Eldorado Lions’ donation of $300 for Summer Scholarship opportunity b. Culver’s donation of $175 for Dolly Parton Imagination Library c. Tom Halfman Memorial Fund’s donation of $1500 for MAPS Team d. Tom Halfman Memorial Fund’s donation of $500 for Summer Reading Program e. Bluemke’s Spirit Pump donation of $326 for R-BEL Program f. Eldorado Lions’ donation of $200 for Band uniforms g. Eldorado Lions’ donation of $200 for L-Club h. Greg and Celeste Blaskowski’s donation of $100 for Band uniforms i. Rosendale Lions’ Lion’s donation of $100 for Summer Reading Program j. Rosendale Lions’ donation of $250 for Dolly Parton Imagination Library k. Jay Brehmer’s donation of a Powder Coating Wall Oven for Tech Ed l. Ripon Electric’s donation of $200 credit towards bill m. Shaun and Amanda Hiemstra’s donation of a First Aid Kit for Band/Choir trip to Disney n. Fond du Lac Area Foundation’s donation of $337 for Golf Coach

XVII. Personnel items to be considered for approval a. Consider retirement of Kathy Schneider, Brandon School Educational Assistant b. Consider resignation of Kathy Blaylock, Special Education Administrative Assistant c. Consider resignation of Jasmyn Joubert, Laconia Dance Team Coach d. Consider employment of Diane Zimmerman, Special Education Administrative Assistant

XVIII. Discuss Civilian Response to an Active Shooter Event (CRASE) training staff participated in on April 4 and ongoing safety processes

XIX. Discuss the creation of Fund 46 for future building maintenance projects

XX. Adjournment of open session and convene into closed session for the purpose of considering financial, medical, social or personal histories or disciplinary data of a specific person, which, if discussed in public would have an adverse effect upon the reputation of the person referred to Wis. Stat. 19.85 (1)(f).

XXI. Reconvene into open session

XXII. Review and consider School Board Evaluation of Superintendent process

XXIII. Set date and time of Finance, Compensation and Benefits Committee meeting

XXIV. Adjournment

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