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School Board Minutes

MONDAY, OCTOBER 23, 2017 - 7:00 P.M.

I. President Dennis Kinyon called the meeting to order.

II. Pledge of Allegiance was recited. III. Roll Call:


J Barbeau  R. Basler                  D. Kinyon                    M. Kottke                  C. Mulder                   D. Mulder                 B. Redeker  J. Riedeman               R. Tarnow   


W. Weber                L. Greff                      J. Hokenson J. Post                       N. Roets                    J. Thomas 


Billi Basler  Sandy Brenner  Brenda Broderick Morgan Deich    Jessica Edmunds Andy Goebel  Eric Kraus  Jennifer LeCaptain Renee Pionke  Abby Pluim  Maribel Ramirez  Kirsten Schuchardt Tim Vande Berg  Nate Vandenberg       IV. The agenda was reviewed, edited item XVI.b. to “The Classes of 1967 and earlier….;” edited XVIII to “Consider Cirrus Governing Council Meetings”; and item XXIV added resignations j. Briana Bartz Volleyball Coach, k. Morgan Tetzlaff Volleyball Coach, and i. Miranda Roehl, Dance Team Coach.

V. Tarnow/Kottke motioned to approve the September 18, 2017 Board of Education Meeting Minutes.

VI. Administrative news updates were given.

VII. Rosendale Primary Third Grade staff and students presented their Small Group Reading Stations.

VIII. Riedeman/Tarnow motioned to approve vouchers 99350-99571, ACH Payments 113-116, and Wire Transfers 1837-1856.  Motion carried 9-0

IX. Jen Post presented the Financial and Cash Summary reports.

X. DMulder/Kottke motioned to approve the 2017-2018 Budget as presented.  Motion carried 9-0

XI. CMulder/Riedeman motioned to certify the 2017-2018 Tax Levy at $3,447,176 and 8.84 Mill Rate. Motion carried 9-0

XII. Riedeman/Barbeau motioned to authorize $800,000 tax revenue anticipation line of credit to meet cash flow needs during the 2017-2018 school year.  Motion carried 9-0

XIII. 2017-2018 Enrollment Numbers were reviewed.

XIV. Kottke/CMulder motioned to adjourn Open Session and convene into Closed Session for the purpose of considering medical, social, or personal histories of specific persons Wis. Stat. 19.85(1)(f). Motion carried by roll call vote, 9-0

XV. Kottke/Basler motioed to reconvene into Open Session.  Motion carried by roll call vote, 9-0

XVI. CMulder/Tarnow motioned to approve donations a-g (Tom Halfmann Memorial, Classes of 1967 and earlier, Rosendale Lions, Keith Krohn, Village of Brandon, Bluemke Spirit Pump, Alliance Laundry, Strook Family).  Motion carried 9-0

XVII. Tarnow/Barbeau motioned to approve quotes for snow removal during the 2017-2018 school year from Marchant Excavating and Country Touch Lawn Care.  Motion carried 9-0

XVIII. Riedeman/Tarnow motioned to approve changing Cirrus Governing Council meetings to a minimum of four (4) times per year.  Motion carried 9-0

XIX. Kottke/Redeker motioned to approve GEC Access Agreement.  Motion carried 9-0

XX. DMulder/Barbeau motioned to limit Sunday practices to dates prior to Monday or Tuesday events or competitions with the exception of the two requests already turned in.  Motion carried 6-3 (CMulder, Redeker, Tarnow)

XXI. Kottke/Basler motioned to adjourn Open Session and convene into Closed Session for the purpose of discussing personnel performance, review, and staffing, Wis. Stat. 19.85(1)(c). Motion carried by roll call vote, 9-0

XXII. Kottke/Riedeman motioned to reconvene into Open Session.  Motion carried by roll call vote, 9-0

XXIII. CMulder/Riedeman motioned to approve Personnel items a-l (Opheim, Curtis, Sadowski, Baalke, Hansen, Pozolinski, Kelly, McCauley, Shafer, Bartz, Tetzlaff, Roehl).  Motion carried 9-0

XXIV. Kottke/Redeker motioned to adjourn.  Motion carried 9-0

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