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Angie Serwas - 4th Grade

Ms. Serwas
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Earth Day Printables                                                                                                                                  
 Carve your own pumpkin ONLINE!


Christmas Fun
North Pole
More Christmas Fun

Merry Christmas.com

Trim a tree with Jan Brett


 Practice LA - Games and Activities
 6 Trait Writing
 Six Trait Writing Samples and Examples
Six Trait Lessons
Six Trait Models - Links
 Power Proofing - DOL AssessmentsSingular & Plural Possessive Nouns QUIZ











DOL Practice 

Grammar Games   Irregular Verbs



Basal Vocabulary Practice   







Rajah's Rice

Quia Vocabulary

Sarah Plain and Tall:




Sarah Plain and Tall





Seal Journey:

Seal Journey Vocabulary Quia       Seal Journey

Article about Seals in Antarctica  Seal FAQ & Great Pictures





Do Not Disturb

Bear Activities           Bear Activities 2              Plurals





Why Frog and Snake Never Play Together:

QUIA Activiity                        One Motion - Snakes





A Kettle of Hawks

Kettle sizes                            Build a fish Activity

Groups of Animals Game - A Touch of Class

Animal Group Names





Mom's Best Friend

What is a working dog?          Mom's Best Friend Activities

Meet Sally Hobart





Justin and the Best Biscuits in the World

Quia Quiz on the story







The Official Site of Jackie Robinson

Black History Timeline                Black History Timeline 2

Underground Railroad


Just a Dream

Rachel Carson

Pat Cummings

Pat Cummings  - Author's Web Site

Meet the Author - Pat Cummings

The Lucky Stone

Creation of a California Tribe

No Stars Night


The Three Little Pigs

Mufaro's Beautiful Daughter

The Stonecutter


Reading tests/quizzes with immediate feedback!








                                  Create A Graph




Science: Bill Nye - The Science Guy

Science Fair ideas

Simple Machines

Vocabulary Review Crossword

Design it, build it, fidget it


Mechanical Madness

Create a Coaster

Fantastic Contraptions



Foss Rube Goldberg Machine Game




Edheads simple and complex machine games




Simple Machine Quiz




MiKids.com simple machine pictures and descriptions

Simple Machines to research

Gadget Anatomy                           Experiments

Energy Quest





Rocks & Minerals

Rock around the Park

Rock & Mineral WebQuest          Rocks & Soils Game




Burke Museum - Interactive WebQuest




Geology Wordfind           Geology Wordfind




Interactive SMART Rocks




The Rock Cycle         GEO Mysteries





Moon Rocks Under a Microscope




Foss Web - Earth Materials

Rocks & Mineral Slide Show       Minerals List




Fluorescent Minerals                   Rock Hounds

Mineral Matters                            Minerals in the USA




Human Body

Digestion SMART  

My body


Yuckiest site on the internet

All systems go!

  Many links - Asthma movie

Time for bed

Open heart surgery


Cow Eyeball Dissection Video  

 Interactive How your Body Moves             

Foss Web - Mr. Bones Puzzle

Ultimate Human Body Facts Reference

Interactive Human Body Building

Human Body Songs                  Printable Coloring Pages

Virtual Human Body                  How The Body Works







Social Studies: Google Earth






Glacier Photos Page 1    Glacier Photos Page 2

Glacier Power Point     Glaciers Research


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