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e~Funds for Schools


e~Funds For Schools offers various options for parents/guardians who choose to make payments on-line and is extremely user friendly. Not only will you have the ability to have lunch payments electronically withdrawn from your checking account or charged to your credit card, you also have the flexibility to make a payment at any time through the school's website.

The e~Funds For Schools service is offered to you by a third party service provider and they charge for processing your payment(s), similar to other on-line banking services. The district does not request or keep records of family checking or credit card account information.

The "e~Funds For Schools" electronic payment service is provided to the school by a third party service provider. The service provider has a nominal fee for their service. This plan applies a $1.00 transaction fee to each electronic payment you make. For payments made by credit card, there is an added convenience fee that would be a flat fee of $2.45 per $100 made. The system also carries a Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) charge of $15. When you set up your account, please review your options carefully.

You are in full control of your account and can make a payment at any time that is convenient for you. No payments will be allowed without your knowledge and authorization through this secure payment system. By providing your home and/or work email address, an email notification informing you of the student's name, purpose of the payment, and the amount of the item will be sent to you each time that a payment is to be processed. The e~Funds For School site is secure and uses industry standard data encryption.

How does e~Funds For Schools work?
  • Families set up and maintain their own logins, passwords, and payment preferences. Your account information is retained in a password-protected file.
  • e~Funds For Schools will help to eliminate last minute check writing hassles, improve efficiencies, and help cut costs for both you and the school district
  • On-line payments will help eliminate the worry that your children could lose or forget the money intended for school lunch or that it might be spent on other non-school related items.
  • Payments from a credit card or checking account may easily be set up.
  • Parents/guardians may establish a reoccurring payment or may opt to make a one-time payment.
  • Your payment history for the year is available with a click of the mouse

When registering for e~Funds, e~Funds will ask for a Family ID or Student ID. Choose Family ID and use the Rosendale-Brandon School District family lunch ID number.  If this is unknown contact Cindy Pierstorff at (920) 872-2851 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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