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School Board Goals 2013-2015

1.  Continue to provide a strong educational beginning for all children

2.  Encourage strong parent-teacher-student participation and interaction

3.  Principals continue to show strong leadership and evaluation of all staff

4.  Continue to develop a safe environment to provide a positive atmosphere for learning opportunities

5.  Continue to develop individual thinking skills and a curriculum for critical thinking

6.  Continue to provide curriculum with a strong core with emphasis on careers

7.  Continue to provide students with Life Long Skills

8.  Develop a better understanding of students with special educational needs

9.  Increase community involvement

10.  Continue to promote a good relationship with Board and staff

11.  Continue to develop character and strong intercommunication between schools

12.  Continue to pursue more opportunities for students

13.  Continue to re-evaluate and implement district educational policies

14.  Continue to move forward and concentrate on long range planning goals

15.  Continue planning for district needs on a 5-year cycle

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