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Jerod Felix



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My name is Jerod Felix. I have been teaching Technology and Engineering since 2006. My teaching philosophy is centered on being a life-long learner and instilling the love for exploring and learning in my students.

I became interested in technology and engineering at a very young age. I grew up in the country and loved to fix up old snowmobiles and build go-carts, among other things. I was very involved in 4-H as a child and discovered I love to share my knowledge with other people. A career in teaching seemed a natural path for me.

I am a Highest Honors graduate of UW-Stout with a degree in Technology and Engineering Instruction. Throughout my teaching career, I have furthered my education to benefit my students, including Tribes, Project Lead the Way, and STEM certifications.

When I am not teaching, I try to be outdoors as much as possible. My hobbies include gardening, hunting, fishing, hiking and boating, especially with my wife and kids. I also continue to design and build everything from jigs to make jobs easier to my own log home. I even converted a conventional gas-powered Jeep Cherokee to run on waste deep fryer grease.  I try to teach my students they can build anything using principles of technology and engineering.

I teach Construction, Exploring Technology, Electronics, Manufacturing and Small Engines. I aim to provide students with a safe and inviting environment to participate in project-based learning to develop valuable skills and become well-rounded individuals.  I value a good education and hard work.

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